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ES Series Event Speakers

  • ES215


  • dual 15inch long throw speakers
  • Sensitivity 101dB/1W/1m
  • Power 900 Watts RMS
  • Cabinet 18mm birch plywood
  • Product description: It is design with deep cabinet for long thow, fit to outdoor event or live show.

ES series is designed with deep cabinet for long throw,  suit to kinds of show room, DISCO, small outdoor event or live show. It utilizes long horn for tweeter, controls well of the sound radiation. It is suitable to combine as array. With high transfer-efficiency aluminum voice coil component, it performs well and easily under high power.  With strong low-freq and clear high-freq, it is liked by lots of professional audio persons.

ES-215 is a three-unit two-way full range loudspeaker, made of two 15” big power high SPL woofer speakers with silvering aluminum voice coils, and a 3” Ф75mm treple compress driver, with optimized x-over network inside. The wide coverage 100°x50° makes it get sound reinforcement in a large range. So it is suitable to be as sound reinforcement for large audio projects, and flown live show.


Model ES-215
Type dual 15inch professional speakers
Drivers LF: 2x15" aluminum speaker, 100mm silvering aluminum voice coil
HF: 75mm silvering aluminum voice coil, titanium diaphragm driver,
protector for over circuit/voltage
Frequency Range 50Hz-18KHz
Power handling capacity 900 Watts RMS
Sensitivity 101dB/1W/1m
Rated lmpedance
Coverage(H x V) 60°x 40°
Construction 5point x 3 hanger rail, 38mm standard supporting point
black plastic painting ;
Dimensions 1160mm x 480mm x 600mm
Net Weight 78Kg





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